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2017 Wedding Flower Trends, Part 1 – Romantic Wedding Flowers

Although 2017 is slowly nearing its end, the year’s most popular wedding flower trends are anything but on their way out. In fact, we expect to see many of them carried over into 2018, particularly these romantic trends. In the first of a four-part series focused on our favorite 2017 wedding trends, we’re sharing our three musts for adding an unrivaled romantic look to your wedding flowers.

1. Dazzling Dahlias

Since the Victorian era, the dahlia has represented the ideas of dignity and elegance, symbolic of commitment and forever bond. Whether you bring them into your bouquet or pop a few into your centerpieces, dahlias are among the most versatile blooms for weddings loved for their brightly colored double or single flowers. With peak dahlia season falling during May, June, September, and October, months that coincide with today’s peak wedding seasons, an increasing number of couples choose to incorporate dahlias into their big day.

dahlias in muted colors for romantic wedding flowers

This romantic wedding flower proves its vivid varieties to be a fine choice for commemorating love and marriage. Ask your florist for vintage-inspired hues like blush pink, peach ivory, and creamy rose for a traditional wedding day palette or go bold with jewel-tones and bold shades like bright orange, deep purple, golden yellow, dark red, and variegated varieties. Regardless of whether you pick pastel petals or bolder blooms, your flowers will be on-trend in terms of color as well.

dahlia bouquets boutonniere and wedding cake

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2. Romantic Bouquets

Achieving the romantic wedding flowers you crave is as simple as knowing which blooms–and in which colors–to carry down the aisle. Start by determining what colors you desire. This year’s sweetest shades range from warmer tones such as dusty rose, blush pink, peach, and khaki to cooler colors like sage, pale blue, gray, lavender, mint, and off-white, to name a few. From there, your florist can guide you into which flowers are available in your preferred colors as they craft a custom color combination that will leave you and your guests falling in love with your flowers. Your goal: an in-full-bloom garden-style bouquet complete with trailing elements and foliage for a slightly unstructured style. Roses, peonies, hydrangeas, ranunculus, Dusty Miller, eucalyptus, and anemones will help you create that look.

romantic wedding flowers collage in pastel colors

3. The Rose Knows

Nothing says wedding day romance quite like the rose. According to Teleflora, “Each color offers a distinct meaning: red, the lover’s rose, signifies enduring passion; white, humility and innocence; yellow, expressing friendship and joy; pink, gratitude, appreciation and admiration; orange, enthusiasm and desire; white lilac and purple roses represent enchantment and love at first sight.” Roses can easily be utilized in everything from bouquets to centerpieces, boutonnieres to corsages, and even cakes and decor, making it an affordable and timeless way to display a cohesive look throughout your big day.

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This post is the first of a four-part series focused on our favorite 2017 wedding trends. Keep an eye out for part two, which will highlight four of the year’s best color trends.

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