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Your Best Nine Picks 2016

First of all: Happy New Year! We are super excited to welcome 2017 and our couples who are tying the knot this year!

If you’re on Instagram this time of year, you’ve probably seen the #2016bestnine hashtag popping up everywhere, including on our IG. We thought it’d be fun to take a quick glance back at the designs you all chose as our best nine of the year based on your likes. Our brides Rachel, Caitlin, Cherise, and Karen all had their flowers named as your top favorites from the past year. It seems that our IG followers really loved the wildflower look, from the huge response we got for Rachel’s and Caitlin’s bouquets. Cherise’s vivid fall flowers and Karen’s blue hydrangea bouquet ranked up there as well.

One of our baby shower centerpieces, a custom duck and daisy design, was a popular post too. This was a fun one to create as it was for a past couple of ours and combined the bride’s favorite flower with her love of rubber duckies.

Lastly, you all showed your overwhelming enthusiasm for three of 2017’s upcoming floral trends, specifically Modern Wonders, The French Connection, and Forces of Nature. We’re also loving these trends and looking forward to showing you how to bring them to life with your flowers as the year progresses.

Again, we wish you and yours a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2017!

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