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2017 Wedding Flower Trends: The French Connection

If the beauty of the France makes you feel at home, you’re sure to fall in love with Flower Trends Forecast‘s 2017 trend that brings together “the French connection.” With its sophisticated use of  “spices, home decor, and textiles found in French country-style” intricately combined with “the formal Parisian design,” this romantic, chic, and lavish look will leave you and your guests gushing “ooh-la-la!” See how easy it is to bring the passion and glamour of France into your big day with these tips and a look at our Pinterest board “Get Inspired: Paris in Love.”

The Flowers

Request a bouquet filled with lush, full blooms…anything from garden roses, anemones, and chocolate Cymbidium orchids to poppies and peonies. Cranberry Viburnum, Musscari, millet, and rice flower make divine accents with any of these French essentials. Think garden-inspired to achieve this trend’s soft, botanical beauty. Your florist can offer recommendations on what blooms look best together in terms of size and texture.

The Colors

With a French feel like this one, you truly have an array of colors from which to draw upon. If you prefer pastels, look toward colors like blush pink, baby blue, cream, beige, and sage. If, however, you want to bring a touch of Parisian passion and allure to your flowers, tie in pops of deep red, graphite, or chocolate truffle. Flower Trends Forecast says that, when used appropriately, “softer red hues splash with hints of orange and chocolate brown providing a rich, bold presence to the French connection.”


The Decor

Champagne, gold, and other metallic metals are a staple for centerpieces; however, refined ceramic vases look just as lovely. Opulent decor elements will require less detailed additions whereas lavish trimmings and delicate floral print ribbons do wonders for more simple containers. The key is creating a balance that complements without overpowering or suppressing this style.

The Feeling

The French connection demands an overabundance of blooms, so it may not be the best option for the bride on a budget. The last thing you want to do with this trend is skimp on your flowers. When describing the look and feel of this trend to your florist, words like refined, luxurious, sophisticated, and sensuous go a long way in conveying the embodiment of France.

If you’re looking to add a little French flair to your flowers, we’d love to help you bring this trend to life! Click here to submit your pre-consultation form or give us a call at (724) 695-2259.

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