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2018 Wedding Color Trends

What does the coming year hold for couples planning a 2018 wedding? Color, color, and more color, according to Flower Trends Forecast latest trends report! It’s time to bid farewell to monochromatic and all-white bouquets and welcome 2018’s slightly more modern twist on classic romance.

“Brides’ flower choices no longer adhere to muted mono-botanical bouquets; rather, they are sprinkled with modernity and personality. The perfectly round bouquets are ideas of yesteryear, as golden sunflowers, rust-colored lilies, and green bells-of-Ireland juxtapose with vines, citrus, and olives,” details the report.

2018 wedding bouquets sunflower calla lilies vines greenery

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Florists will see more demand for less structured bouquet styles as brides begin to incorporate more greenery, foliage, and vines. Through these textured accents and 2018’s trending wedding colors, couples can easily marry the timelessness with trendiness. This is not to say that the beloved all-white bouquets will disappear completely. Instead, pops of punchy pink and bold purples will up the ante on classic, understated romance. Bouquets consisting solely of white daisies have been replaced by delicate white jasmine, amaryllis, and viburnum flowers in the nature-inspired bridal posy.

“Vibrancy is not to be ignored as brides boldly include brilliant rainbow roses, pink dahlias, and orange callas in whimsical bouquets,” adds Flower Trends Forecast writer Brittany Ulman. Millennials love all-things-pink, which is sure to become a go-to in 2018. Gerbera daisies, roses, and peonies are especially beautiful blooms to achieve this modern combination.

wedding bouquets collage featuring 2018 color trends

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