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2017 Wedding Flower Trends, Part 2 – Color Combinations to Wow

Holy moly–can you believe it’s almost October?! Although there are just a few months remaining in 2017, the year’s most popular wedding flower trends are anything but on their way out. In fact, we expect to see many of them carried over into 2018, especially regarding color combinations. In the second of a four-part series focused on our favorite 2017 wedding trends, we’re sharing the wedding flower color combinations that are sure to wow.

1. Intoxicating Red Wine

Marsala may not have received the attention it deserved when it was named Pantone’s Color of the Year in 2015, but it didn’t totally bomb. In fact, it’s been slowly working its way into weddings over the past two years to become one of 2017’s hottest hues. Colors in the wine family will remain particularly popular. Stick to intoxicating shades like red wine, burgundy, Marsala. Coupled with shades ranging from blush pink to rich, luxurious jewel tones, Cabarnet, Pinor Noir, and Merlot colors look breathtaking!

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2. Butter Yellow Blooms

According to 2017 Floral Insights & Industry Trends report presented by Debra Prinzing, brides can expect to see butter yellow everywhere as we finish out the year and head into 2018 thanks to “a shift in palette that bring pale yellow into the apricot-blush spectrum.” Whether you use this color on its own or mix it with trendy blush-color blossoms, your flowers will look amazing! Other great color combinations that blend beautifully with buttery blooms are magenta and poppy, tangerine, navy, cinnamon and beige, and silver and gray.

pale butter yellow wedding flowers and decor inspiration collage

3. Vintage-Inspired Dusty Rose

Dusty rose conjures up connections to dreamy, vintage-inspired florals, making it an ideal choice for brides who crave a hint of romance. Peek around Pinterest and its easy to see why this pretty pink is all over its 2017 wedding report board! Consider combining this soft, versatile shade with muddier colors, such as trending Marsala, brown, gray, other muted neutrals.

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This post is the first of a four-part series focused on our favorite 2017 wedding trends. Keep an eye out for part three, which will highlight some seriously stunning decor ideas.

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