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7 2017 Floral Trends You’ll Fall in Love With

We see them every year: wedding trends that come and go. This year, however, the trends are perfectly timeless, utterly gorgeous, and full of possibilities. We’ve narrowed down the seven must-see trends of 2017 that we’ve fallen in love with–and we think you will too!

1. Flowers in Hair

Bye-bye, floral crowns of 2016! This year is all about a more intricate, woven look. According to Brides.com, “The outdoor, boho-inspired wedding of your dreams isn’t going out of style any time soon… Simply update those surfer girl tendrils by adding a healthy dose of volume (the new boho wave), and make sure your flower crown is one-part flower crown and one-part mermaid crown by integrating pearls, shells and sea stars into the florals.”

wedding floral crowns

2. Mega Pops of Color

Canary yellow, hot pink, bold blues, bright oranges, and electrifying greens are proof that brides are going bolder with these mega pops of color overrunning the pastel and blush tones of the past several years. A subtle mix of big bright boho-inspired flowers colors falls right in line with today’s trending fashions, including Greenery, Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017.

colorful wedding centerpieces collage

3. White Orchids

You may as well call 2017 the year of the orchid. “The orchid has been held in high regard since ancient times. It symbolizes love, beauty, fertility, refinement, thoughtfulness, [and] charm,” says Flower Meaning. White orchids, in particular, will be especially popular. Use them in everything from your bouquets, boutonnières, and corsages to your wedding cake and reception decor.

white wedding orchid bouquets centerpieces

4. Loose, Overflowing Bouquets

Brides are exchanging the traditional tight European designs in favor of lush, less structured bouquets. You don’t have to spring for real flowers to achieve this look either. Ask your florist to design a bouquet that appears locally-grown and contains seasonal, wild, and foraged flowers. With the right combination of blooms, you’ll have a fresh-from-the-garden, relaxed, generously sized bouquet overflowing with natural textures and deconstructed foliage.

collage wedding bouquets

5. Gigantic Floral Wreaths and Hoops

Elaborate floral wreaths and hoops are having a major moment right now. These extravagant backdrops look amazing at an outdoor or garden venue. For the end result to look just right, remember: go big or go home. If there’s one floral statement piece you should plan to splurge on, this is it!

wedding floral hoops wreaths

6. Something Blue (And Gray)

Move over, rose gold and blush; this year blue and gray will reign supreme. “Blue has a long association with weddings, symbolizing purity and fidelity,” explains Martha Stewart Weddings. “Whatever the mood, consider soft and medium blues and crisp, platinum-toned silvers.”

pale blue wedding flowers

7. Wine and Gold

Last year’s rose gold and blush get a dramatic, more sophisticated makeover thanks to classic gold and rich wine hues. Combine berry reds and/or a deep wine with cream, butter yellow, baby pink, white, mauve, and even bright green. Dahlias, orchids, hydrangeas, and roses work well with this trend.

marsala wine gold wedding flowers collage

We’re looking forward to hearing the brilliant ways you plan to incorporate these trends into your 2017 wedding, and we’d love to make your vision a reality! Click here to submit your pre-consultation form or give us a call at (724) 695-2259.

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