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Are Silk Flowers Right for Your Wedding?

orange and white silk tulip bouquetSilk is blooming with benefits, yet some couples may still find themselves on the fence about whether silk or artificial flowers are right for their wedding. Many are often worried that they’re flowers will look cheap or fake, or they’ve been told that the bride must carry real flowers. (Let us guess who came up with that myth…)

While only you as a couple can decide whether silk or fresh is the right choice for your big day, there are several advantages of using artificial flowers that fresh flowers simply cannot compete with.

To help you determine if you should go faux or follow through with fresh, answer yes or no to the following 12 statements.

  1. I want flowers that look and feel exactly like real flowers, but do not require the same level of maintenance.
  2. I’d like my flowers to cost approximately half the cost of fresh flowers.
  3. It is important that my flowers provide unmatched durability in that they will not droop, wilt, or fade.
  4. My hope is to keep my flowers forever as a beautiful keepsake from our wedding day (without additional preservation costs).
  5. I want my flowers done months to weeks in advance, minimizing stress on our wedding day.
  6. I like the peace of mind in knowing my flowers are exactly what I envisioned before I walk down the aisle.
  7. My fiance or I (or members of our bridal party) have allergies.
  8. It is important that my floral designs are not limited to seasonal availability.
  9. I am having a destination wedding and have concerns about traveling with my flowers or going through customs.
  10. I am having a destination wedding and have concerns about using a local florist at my location whom I’ve never met.
  11. I am tying the knot in a location or during a time of year when I anticipate lots of heat and humidity.
  12. I want flowers that are ready at a moment’s notice and do not require any maintenance to keep them looking their best.


If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, silk or artificial flowers are the way to go for your big day!

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