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5 Reasons To Avoid The DIY Route For Your Wedding Flowers

Your wedding day should be carefree, fun, and relaxing. Tackling your own flowers rarely turns out the way the bride envisioned. (Just look at Pinterest wedding fails for perfect examples.)

While it may seem like an easy idea now, the night before your wedding or the morning of is not the time to try to fine-tune or put together your bouquets…and corsage, boutonnieres, centerpieces, or church flowers. (Yes, there’s plenty to think about and those are just a few!) Wedding stress often leaves the flowers looking thrown together with a tangled mess of a bouquet wrap, boutonnieres wilting and falling apart, and the aisle decorations a mismatch. Let a professional help you get the picture perfect petals and enjoy your day as a newlywed, not a DIY pinterest wedding some ecards

Here are our top five reasons to avoid the DIY route and hire a professional.

1. Your Florist is Committed to You

A professional’s job is to focus solely on you and your big day.That means a commitment to showing up at your wedding and doing what is promised (unlike “friends” or family who say they’ll help and then flake out at the last minute). Your florist is contractually obligated to fulfill what you’re paying them to do, meaning you won’t have to worry about your flowers being finished on time.

2. Your Florist Brings Experience

Experience takes the anxiety and guesswork out of a high-stress event. Your florist knows what to do and how to do it. Bringing on board a professional ensures solid results.

3. You Won’t Strain Your Personal Relationships

Hiring family or friends can strain a relationship, especially if you’re not happy with the work they did for free or at a discounted price. Professionals aim to please and will be less sensitive to changes or criticism.

4. You’ll Spend Less

You truly get what you pay for. Supplies (and time) can add up quickly. Pay for great service, experience, and quality
results and that’s what you’ll get! DIY fails are expensive.

5. Your Guests Will Enjoy Your Wedding

With all the time and money you’re investing in your wedding, you want your guests to enjoy their time there, right?

Our job is to give you the picture-perfect petals you’ve always envisioned; yours is to enjoy your day as a newlywed, not a DIY florist. Let us do the work! Click here to submit your pre-consultation form or give us a call at (724) 695-2259.

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