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How to Properly Pin a Boutonniere

If your groom is among the few that care even the slightest about wedding flowers, or at least his boutonniere, consider yourself lucky. If he’s like most guys, however, chances are he’s going to need some guidance when it comes to pinning on his boutonniere. Not sure where to begin yourself? Don’t sweat it, girl–we’ve got you covered!

orange calla lily boutonniere with blue flowers and baby's breath against a black tuxedo and blue vest

Where to Pin

Boutonnieres are worn on the left lapel, roughly four inches down for the left shoulder. An easy way to remember this is to secure it above the man’s heart.

How to Pin

  1. Begin by holding the boutonniere in your left hand with the flower facing away from you.
  2. Position the boutonniere on the left lapel, double-checking that the flower is positioned correctly.
  3. With the pin in your right hand, insert it through the fabric from behind the lapel, just below the head of the flower.
  4. Pin through the stem then reinsert the tip of the pin through the fabric and behind the lapel.
  5. Give a gentle tug on the stem to ensure that the flower is securely pinned.

Another Option

So, your man doesn’t want bothered with traditional pins on his wedding day? Ask your florist to include a boutonniere magnet instead. These small but powerful magnets can be attached to his boutonniere to keep them securely in place without the hassle of poking and pinning.

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