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2017 Wedding Flower Trends: Modern Wonders

Brides who crave a modern flair to their flowers will be right on-trend when they incorporate Flower Trends Forecast‘s suggestions for florals derived from “modern wonders.” Think along the lines of geometric patterns and shapes, crafted textures, antique touches, and modern lines. Use these tips for creating flowers your guests will marvel over.

The Flowers

Achieving this modern trends means steering clear of lush, full-petaled flowers in exchange for clean lines and simple, delicate styles. Ask your florist for a combination of calla lilies, dahlias, ginger, bromliad, orange anthurium, chocolate cymbidium orchids, Mokara orchids, and sunflowers.

The Colors

While this palette features primarily darker hues, like burgundy, deep purples, and chocolate brown, pops of metallics, cream, and cool pastels create an effective balance. Look for ways to bring in gold, copper, and bronze accents, if you crave a warmer combination of colors, or pull in misty blues, lilac, or a snow white to brighten up your bouquet.


The Decor

Again, this trend ties in what is proving to be a popular trend for 2017: metallics. From beautiful bronze to glistening gold and even copper, these metals are just what you need to work in the crafted blend of old and new. Your florist can recommend containers that feature structure surfaces, unexpected textures, and even hints of artifacts. Pull in Asian-inspired lanters, metallic-glazed candles, river rock fillers, and even pebbled-vases. The options are truly limitless for your centerpieces and decor!

The Feeling

Flower Trends Forecast advises keeping with “clean lines of modern sophistication morphed with cultural antiquities laden with memories and meaning.” Incorporate chic contemporary elements and simplistic touches for a look that is designed with the world traveler in mind.

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