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Q&A: When Do I Need to Book My Florist?

The short answer: a minimum of four to six months out from your wedding day, if you’re planning to book with us. Our preferred timeline: six to nine months out…but we’re totally OK with booking our couples even earlier. In fact, we love it!

calendar wedding date heart pinkWe want to work with as many couples as are a good fit for us, which is why we always encourage them to book as soon as possible. One of the worst feelings as a wedding professional is having to turn away a great couple because they waited to long to secure their date and someone else snatched it up. Because providing the best service and individualized attention to our clients is very important to us, we only take on a limited number of couples a year.

To give you a jump start on booking your florist, we recommend using the following floral timeline as a guide when booking us.

12+ to 10 months

  • Establish your preliminary floral budget
  • Look at designs, color palettes, and flowers you like and pull them together on a Pinterest board or in a wedding planning binder
  • Research florists that match your budget and inspiration.
  • Arrange consultations with your must-meet florists, particularly if they’re in-demand or you’ll be marrying during a busy season.

9 to 7 months

  • Book your favorite florist.
  • Finalize your floral needs taking into consideration guests, ceremony/reception, etc.
  • Finalize what you envision for your flowers for the bridal party, ceremony, and reception.
  • Look into any venue restrictions in relation to your florals, such as no open flames, availability of set up, etc.

6 to 4 months

  • Provide your florist with color swatches/photos of any dresses that you may not have had at your consultation.
  • Finalize any add-ons, such as extra corsages or boutonnieres, that you may have forgotten about.

3 months to 3 weeks

  • Confirm delivery locations and set up time perameters for your florist, if applicable.
  • Pay off your remaining balance and any delivery or set up fees.
  • Pick up your flowers. (Yes, our couples have them a minimum of two weeks before their big day.)
  • Relax from now until you walk down the aisle with confidence knowing your flowers are perfect and done early!


Let us emphasize that silks save: they save you time, they save you money, and–most importantly–they save you stress! Notice there’s no putting together bouquets or centerpieces in the hours leading up to your wedding, no day-off uncertainly in hoping your flowers are as you envisioned, and zero maintenance involved with keeping your bouquets and boutonnieres looking fresh.

Again, six to nine months out from your wedding is a solid time to aim for booking your florist, but keep in mind that in-demand dates, a highly sought after florist, and the time of year you’re marrying (peak wedding season is May through late-October for us) may require you to book even earlier. Don’t miss your chance to work with us. Remember this timeline and book early!

Are you ready to get the ball rolling with your wedding flowers? Let’s get together and chat! Click here to submit your pre-consultation form or give us a call at (724) 695-2259.

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