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Q&A: What is a Real Touch Flower?

They may have the word “real” in their name, but Real Touch flowers are anything but! By name, Real Touch essentially describes what florists consider to be an artificial yet botanically accurate and high-quality flower. From the vibrant, lifelike coloring of its petals to the true-to-life textures, Real Touch flowers are┬áincredibly realistic in regards to their look and feel, rivaling the appearance of fresh flowers, and are a versatile option for the modern bride who wishes to forgo fresh in favor of an everlasting bouquet.

The term Real Touch is often used interchangeably with “natural touch flowers,” “realistic flowers,” and life-like flowers. To achieve their unique feel and design, the majority of Real Touch flowers are coated in a patented combination of layered liquid polymers, which allows the flowers to retain their shape and suppleness. Foam-molded flowers created from a polyether polyurethane (PU) foam are another option that creates the same look and feel; however, they do not produce quite the same quality as the polymer-coated blooms since PU foam does have some limitations in its ability to replicate flowers with more intricacies and delicacies. Occasionally, a latex-polymer combination is also used in the manufacturing process.Thanks to this process, Real Touch flowers are surprisingly durable. Even when pressed or squeezed, the thicker petals retain their shape and structure, even more so than with silk flowers.Their edges will not fray or shred either.

Below are some examples of our bouquets featuring Real Touch flowers. If you’re like 99.8% of people, you’ll be hard-pressed to tell the difference between live and artificial!

real touch wedding bouquets of tulips and roses

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