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How to Carry Your Wedding Bouquet Correctly

How many times in your life have you carried a bouquet of flowers? Probably less than a handful–if ever–right? Many brides find that carrying their wedding bouquet for the first time can feel…well, downright awkward. All eyes will be on them as they head toward the altar. Cue the flood of anxiety-ridden thoughts. How should I hold it? Where should I hold it? Before they realize, they’re on the fast-track to What-if-ville! Sound familiar?

Ladies, let’s get honest for a min: nothing makes us cringe more than seeing your beautiful bouquet slung over your shoulder like a baseball bat or seeing it held so high it’s blocking your gorgeous gown. (Sorry–did we just create a few more yikes-moments?) Don’t stress, we’re taking the uncertainty out of carrying your flowers down the aisle with these quick tips.

1. Find the front.

Bouquets are generally designed with a front and you should know where that is so that you can angle the front of your bouquet facing away from you. The most obvious way to know the front of your flowers is usually on the stems, especially if you have a decorated handle with rhinestones, ribbons, or special accents. This will ensure that it sits comfortably in your hands and looks its best in photographs.

2. Determine which hand you’ll carry it with.

Because you’ll likely be escorted down the aisle by your father, mother, or another special person, you will want to hold your bouquet on your free side. If you’re walking the aisle alone, you should use two hands, positioned close to your body–but not touching it–in a relaxed, natural position. While you’ll want to keep a solid grip on it, you shouldn’t feel rigid or stiff when holding it.

bride and groom with silk wedding bouquet walking down the aisle

3. Know at what height you’ll carry it.

The style of your bouquet–round versus cascade–will determine at what height you should hold your bouquet. With a round bouquet, position it comfortably at your waist, usually right by your bellybutton. Aim your blooms outward toward your guests so they can take in all its beauty! If you’ve chosen a longer cascade bouquet, pay attention to the handle (angled or straight), which will give you a better idea of how to hold it in terms of the angle.

Remember, relax those arms and breathe! When tensed, there’s a tendency to raise your shoulders…and arms…and bouquet. (Cue the baseball bat bouquet!)

Pittsburgh wedding with purple and yellow silk flowers

4. Ask your florist how to hold your flowers.

Don’t be shy in asking your florist to show you how to hold your bouquet! He or she should be happy to give you a few in-person pointers to make sure that their work looks amazing on your big day.

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