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3 Options for Recycling Your Centerpieces After Your Wedding

Centerpieces are one way to take your reception venue to the next level, but what in the world are you going to do with anywhere from 15 to upwards of 25 table centerpieces (depending on the number of guests you’ve invited)?! Considering your investment in these beautiful blooms, tossing them out after the I-do’s simply doesn’t make sense…but neither does hoarding them for years to come.

Fortunately with silk you don’t have to do either! We’re sharing three of our favorite ways to recycle your centerpieces that will make you and your guests feel good.

1. Donate centerpieces to a hospital, nursing home, or local business

Because artificial blooms don’t pose any problems for allergy sufferers or require any maintenance, they make a welcome addition within nursing homes, retirement communities, and hospitals and are guaranteed to brighten the day for the silk or elderly.

Another option is to donate them to your favorite local retailers, perhaps to small businesses you worked with while planning your wedding, such as your photographer, seamstress, bakery, or hair/nail salon. And, remember: donations are tax-deductible, so hang on to your floral bill!

rustic blue and yellow sunflower centerpiece2. Give them to your guests or bridal party

Gifting your guests or bridal party with a centerpiece is a wonderful way to say thank-you for celebrating with you! Your bridesmaids, mother-in-law, mother, or grandparents will appreciate having something to remember this special day.

3. Play a game

If you just can’t bring yourself to decide who gets your flowers at the end of the evening, get creative and have each table play a game to determine the winner. Maybe they go to whomever has a birthday closest to your wedding date, the couple who has been married longest, or the person who knows the couple best via a trivia game. Games are also a fun way to break the ice among guests who don’t know one another. You can also place a sticker under one chair at each table and whomever has that seat wins.

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