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References: 6 Questions to Ask Past Couples

Many florists are happy to put you in contact with former couples who are willing to share their honest opinion of the service they received, so don’t be afraid to ask for recent references. Doing so can be especially helpful if the florist you’re considering hiring does not have a lot of online reviews on sites like WeddingWire or The Knot.

Once you’re put in contact with a florist’s references, the key becomes knowing what to ask these past clients in order to get the details you need to make an informed decision. You can start by asking the following questions to get your wheels turning.

1. When did you hire [vendor]?

The more recent their relationship, the better and more accurate their impression of a florist’s service may be. Be wary of a florist who only provides references from several years back. While it is OK to have more recent and older references from the past three or four wedding seasons, the quality of service can change over time.

2. What was [vendor’s] best qualities and weakest points?

The majority of references are happy to rave about the positive things they’re florist did for them. They’re a reference because they loved the service and product they received, after all. On the other hand, no vendor is perfect, which is why it’s crucial to ask about the weak points and weigh them against the stronger ones. In doing so, you can determine if you’ll be able to overlook them in favor of a perhaps the larger, more positive outcome.

3. In what ways did [vendor] deliver the best value?

The answer may not always be financially, so listen close for things that mean the most to you. Maybe it was their unparalleled professionalism and outstanding communication; perhaps it was saving time and stress during the planning process. Value does not always relate to money.

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4. How did [vendor] handle conflict or any bridezilla-like moments?

It’s going to happen with a couple at one point or another. Conflicts, stress, and pressure are just part of planning a wedding. Ask references for examples that may have popped up during the planning process. Hearing how a florist kept calm during high-stress situations, whatever they may have been, speaks volumes on how they’ll handle your wedding quirks as well.

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5. Was [vendor] able to work with your budget or offer suggestions to fit it?

It’s OK if your desired florist doesn’t appear to fit within your budget upon first glance. What’s more important is determining if he or she can work with your budget or offer suggestions to fit it. There are many ways to achieve the look or style you dream of without breaking your bridal budget. A great florist will know how to do so creatively. Ask for specific examples of ways in which he or she did so. Did he or she swapped out high-end blooms for a more affordable and similar alternative? Perhaps the florist suggested bringing those must-have flowers into the bride’s bouquet only.

6. Would you recommend [vendor]?

This should be obvious, but you’d be surprised how many couples forget to ask! The reference’s answer should be a resounding yes!

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