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The All Occasion Silk Creations Experience – Part 1: Scheduling Your Consultation

For many couples, planning their wedding flowers is completely unknown territory, but it all starts at the same place: scheduling your consultation. We’re starting right there with you and walking you through the complete All Occasion Silk Creations experience, from your initial inquiry to the pick up/delivery of your wedding flowers. In the first of this four-part series, get more specifics about scheduling your consultation.

What You Do

Maybe you met us a bridal show, found us through a Google search, or were referred by a friend. Great, but now what? If you haven’t submitted your pre-consultation form, that’s where you’re going to want to begin. Not only does this serve as your first step in reaching out to us, it also helps get your wheels turning about your flowers because–believe us–there’s a bit more involved than just pinning bouquet inspirations on Pinterest or thinking, “Maybe I’d like an all-white rose bouquet…” We’re asking you to think, at least briefly, about some aspects of your wedding that you may not have given much thought to just yet, such as the style of your big day, the colors and attire of the wedding party, and the types of flowers you like/don’t like, for instance. It’s also your opportunity to share with us anything important you’d like us to know about your wedding. Essentially, your pre-consultation form allows us to get to know you a little better before we meet so we can better serve your needs.

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What We Do

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Hitting the submit button on your pre-consultation form sends your information directly to us in a matter of seconds and automatically emails you access to “In Bloom,” our exclusive bride guide. This baby is packed with tons of awesome wedding flower tips, advice, and planning timelines to keep you on track as you countdown to your walk down the aisle! Our brides just love this resource!

Once we receive your form, we review it for several things, most importantly to see if we are available for your wedding date (since we only take on a limited number of weddings each month).

You’ll hear back from us within 24 hours–usually sooner–to let you know if we are available. If we are, this reply will also include a link to schedule your floral consultation at your convenience by viewing our online appointment calendar. With it, you can easily schedule a time that works best for you and get automatic confirmation and reminders of your upcoming consultation.

And that’s it! We’ll see you on at your floral consultation!

FAQs About Scheduling Your Consultation

Q: I can only meet with you on a weekend. Do you have Saturday and Sunday appointments?

A: While we are not open on Saturdays, we do offer consultations one Sunday each month, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., to accommodate couples who need a weekend time. If you do not see a Sunday time listed, please check back again as our calendar does not allow you to book more than two weeks in advance.

Q: I don’t see the appointment time I was hoping for?

A: All consultations are booked first come, first served and only during our available hours. All available consultation times are listed on calendar and updated frequently, so if you don’t see a time you hoped for, we likely do not offer it because we are not open at that time, your desired time may already be booked for the day you want, or you are trying to book too far in advance.

Q: Do you offer consultations over phone or video?

A: All consultations are done in-person to allow our couples to see and feel for themselves the quality of our work, therefore we do not offer phone or video consultations.

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This is the first in a four-part series detailing the All Occasion Silk Creations experience. Check back soon for part-two, which will focus on your floral consultation.

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