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Q&A: Do I Have To Carry An All-White Wedding Bouquet?

Think of a wedding and what color comes to mind? Probably white, right? Many brides choose this iconic wedding color for its ability to evoke feelings of innocence, wholeness, and perfection; others, to keep in tradition with florals that are crisp, clean, and classic; some because they feel that “have to.” But what if that’s just not you?

First off, where exactly did the idea that brides must carry an all-white bouquet start? You’ll have to go all the way back to the Victorian Era to find out. This was a time when various color associations and symbolism of “the flower language” started to come into play. With an increasing number of people believing that specific colors and flowers represented certain ideas and meanings, white flowers quickly became the go-to for brides for their connection to purity, faith, rebirth, and cleanliness. As explained by Flower Meaning’s “White Flowers: Their couple kissing with brightly colored wildflower bouquetMeaning & Symbolism,” these Victorian Era virtues continued to permeate the wedding culture for centuries.

Today’s brides, however, are starting to shy away from all-white bouquets in favor of their preferred blooms. Some choose neutral, some vivid, and others a combination of the two. Many brides look for flowers that fit the theme or style of their wedding. Yes, we still meet many brides who question if they should carry an all-white bouquet because that’s what they think is expected of them…even though you can hear in their voice that’s not what they really want.

We encourage all brides to incorporate whatever flowers they feel best express themselves. Stick to traditions, colors, and flowers that truly believe reflect your beliefs, style, and personality. If white’s right for you, we say it’s always a nice day for a white wedding, but if blue is your hue or you’re thinking pink–go for it and own that big, beautiful, boldly colored bouquet!

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