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4 Reasons to Pick a Local Wedding Florist Over a National Chain

Wedding florists: how do you choose yours? While there are several factors that can help you determine if a potential florist is the right one for your big day, for many couples, it starts with deciding if they want to stay local or book with a national chain or online retailer. Sure, the fancy advertisements and bombardment of bargains from these retailers may seem appealing, but there are many benefits to going local when it comes to choosing a wedding florist. Here are four reasons to skip a national chain and hire a hometown wedding florist.

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1. You’ll Receive More Personalized Service

Personalization is a cornerstone of what we do at All Occasion Silk Creations. A national chain won’t even touch that; what you see is what you get! A local wedding florist works alongside you to allow you to have complete creative control, if that’s what you wish, or can walk you through customizing flowers with suggestions and advice if you have no idea where to begin. Your wedding florist should be interested in getting to know you and your significant other from the moment you book your consultation. From how you met to your couple personality and the cute little quirks that make your relationship special, we want to hear about it! That’s what helps us make your wedding flowers uniquely you!

2. The Professional Relationship With Your Wedding Florist is Unmatched

We aim to please you, not some larger company who hired us or is only concerned about getting paid, and we pride ourselves on the countless happy couples we’ve worked with throughout the years. A local florist will take the time to get to know you and what you want–and don’t want–for your designs. Many take on only a select number of weddings and event each year, meaning that they will be able to spend more time with you and on your flowers.

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3. You Can Count on Experience

Your first consultation with your florist will speak volumes about the level of experience and quality you’ll receive. It’s also your chance to inquire about that experience, something you can’t do with national chains. Ask your florist about what kind of training he or she has, how long he or she has been in business, how many weddings he or she has done, and whether the person you’re meeting with will be the one assembling your flowers. National and online florists may not be a member of professional floral organizations or have limited background in design. You’ll likely never even meet the person who’ll be creating your bouquets!

4. You’ll Get Value Over Price

hand holding a blue credit cardIf you’ve heard the old saying, “Good work ain’t cheap and cheap work ain’t good,” you’ll know that there’s a big difference between value and price. You may see ads in wedding magazines and websites promoting unbeatable prices and all-inclusive floral packages, but what are you really getting (or not getting) with these discounts and deals? Cheap is just that: cheap. In the years we’ve spent listening to our couples describe the look they want to achieve with their flowers, cheap has never once been a quality they want to come through in their flowers. A local florist’s quote is based on more than just competitive pricing; it considers the experience, service, quality, and care not found with online floral retailers and national chains. The question is, do you want cheap work or do you want good work?

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