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Your Best Nine Picks 2016

First of all: Happy New Year! We are super excited to welcome 2017 and our couples who are tying the knot this year! If you’re on Instagram this time of year, you’ve probably seen the #2016bestnine hashtag popping up everywhere, including on our IG. We thought it’d be fun to take a quick glance back […]

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Pretty Pastels to Rival Pantone’s Greenery at 2017 Weddings

When Pantone announced Greenery as its Color of the Year 2017, the online wedding world was buzzing with yeas and nays, but according to the Post-Gazette‘s recent article, “2017 fashion forecast: Predictions for the year ahead,” pretty pastels are giving this vibrant, bold green a run for its money when it comes to fashion. “While there were […]

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Tip of the Day: Break the Color Rules

Despite what you may have read in wedding planning magazines, Pinterest, and wedding websites, there are no hard-and-fast rules for picking your color palette. Use your big day as an opportunity to bring in colors and shades that reflect your relationship and that are meaningful to you. Today’s tip of the day features several suggestions […]

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What’s Your Sign: Capricorn Weddings

As it turns out, there’s a little truth behind the age-old dating question, “What’s your sign?” According to The Astro Twins, celebrity astrologers and authors of The Astro Twins’ Love Zodiac: The Essential Astrology Guide for Women, much like our birthday, the zodiac signs under which you tie the knot can speak volumes about your future […]

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2017 Wedding Flower Trends: The French Connection

If the beauty of the France makes you feel at home, you’re sure to fall in love with Flower Trends Forecast‘s 2017 trend that brings together “the French connection.” With its sophisticated use of  “spices, home decor, and textiles found in French country-style” intricately combined with “the formal Parisian design,” this romantic, chic, and lavish look […]

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2017 Wedding Flower Trends: Modern Wonders

Brides who crave a modern flair to their flowers will be right on-trend when they incorporate Flower Trends Forecast‘s suggestions for florals derived from “modern wonders.” Think along the lines of geometric patterns and shapes, crafted textures, antique touches, and modern lines. Use these tips for creating flowers your guests will marvel over. The Flowers Achieving this […]

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Pantone Names Greenery as Color of the Year 2017

Green: it’s the color of nature, growth, freshness, harmony, and fertility. As the most common color in the world and the second most favorite color only to blue, green is representative of everything from restoration to revival and renewal, symbolic of new beginnings. So what better time for Pantone to announce its pick of Greenery for its Color […]

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2017 Wedding Flower Trends: Into The Jungle

Urban brides who relationships tell a vivid love story may be drawn to one of 2017’s trend that ventures “into the jungle.” Flower Trends Forecast describes this trend as “exotic textured prints and patterns encompassed by brilliant muted tones of jungle hues that voice a passionate call for the wild.” Let’s take a closer look at how to achieve […]

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3 Reasons You Need Color Swatches

So, you’ve chosen your wedding colors. Maybe pink and purple, maybe autumn-inspired jewel tones. OK, great…but exactly how are you going to convey these colors to your florist (and other vendors)? Just verbally sharing your color palette is not enough. Sure, there’s “pink…” but there’s also nearly 50+ varieties of pink: petal, tickled, rose, guava, blush, […]

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